Tesla BioHealing & MedBed Centers

Biophoton Therapy For Pets
& Their Humans

Experience a new wave of medicine with our Biophoton Technology
Create a safe and therapeutic healing environment in the comfort of your own home with Biophoton-Powered, Life Force-Rich Energy Fields! Join 30,000+ users worldwide who consistently report enjoying more restorative sleep, improved energy and vitality, as well as better physical fitness and mobility—for themselves and their pets!

  • Balanced Energy: Vitality & Serenity
    Address separation anxiety and stress concerns while encouraging balanced energy and an optimal emotional state.
  • Restorative Sleep
    High quality sleep can enhance healing and encourage optimal brain function while supporting the immune system.
  • Physical Fitness & Mobility
    Restore range of motion in joints while promoting muscle and tissue recovery.
  • Backed By Science
    Our technology is a natural, safe, highly effective, data-driven solution for improved wellness. Based upon Nikola Tesla's original discoveries of "harnessing the forces of nature to the service of mankind," we've pioneered breakthrough medical devices that generate a field of pure Life Force Energy – a powerful environment for the body's innate healing intelligence to be optimally supported.
  • Pet-Friendly MedBed Centers
    We have pet-friendly centers across the country, including: Rolla, MO; East Dubuque, IL; Sarasota, FL; Winchester, WV; Irvine/Newport Beach, CA; Hot Springs, AR; and Kearny, AZ. Learn more about all of our centers here. *Please call ahead to confirm additional pet fees, rules, species/breed restrictions, and availability.

Feedback From Our Customers

Healthy fur baby
"It has helped heal my schnauzer/yorkie mix with his Pancreatitis... last check up the veterinarian said he was good!" —Karen Jo Kamps

All My Dogs Feel Amazing!!
"My dog Girly, who could barely walk now is now running like a pup! after 30 days Tesla Biohealers! Yes they do work!! all my dogs feel amazing!!" —Judy Tatum, Sonoita, AZ

"I love the Bio healers for pets! With every inch of my being I truly believe it's what healed my daughters Silver Lab. He is doing awesome!! So thankful."—Suzanne Craig

My cats are better - Energetic again
"Bought this to help my elderly cats… both of them 15 years old . Cheddar was losing weight with his allergies and irritable bowel . Mittens was having difficulty jumping up on furniture. Happy to report both are better. Mittens can jump again and Cheddar is gaining weight again. His allergies are still issue but better. They gravitate to the biohealer too I noticed. I have one adult one that is helping me. Need a few more… soon. So happy with my biohealers ❤️❤️❤️."—Jill Nolfi

Tesla BioHealer for Pets

Optimize Wellness with Life Force Energy
Provide Life Force Energy to your beloved animal companion with Tesla BioHealer™ for Pets! Proven to recharge and repair cellular health, Life Force Energy is a natural, safe, and essential solution for optimal wellbeing. Our easy-to-use devices generate a field of pure Life Force Energy which has been providing health breakthroughs for over 30,000 users including pets of all shapes and sizes!

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Biophoton-Energized Spring Water

Optimize Wellness with Life Force Energy

Embrace a New Level of Vitality through Hydration: Experience the power of biophotons with Life Force Energy in a bottle! Daily consumption of our Biophoton Energized Water is an exceptional way to enjoy extraordinary hydration and cleansing while promoting ideal lung, kidney, and respiratory health. Expect more balanced energy throughout the day and a deeper sleep each night. Enjoy the remarkable benefits of hydrating yourself and your loved ones (including your pets!) with Life Force Energized Spring Water.

Biophoton Phenomenon

User Experience Program for Pets

Our Purpose: Biophoton technology continues to play a critical role in providing the most effective approaches to address today's unmet healthcare and medical needs. And it's our mission to support people (and pets!) who may be facing these concerns. We're inviting you and your pets to experience Tesla BioHealing technology in the comfort of your own home! Together, we'll continue to evaluate the impact of our devices—and look for ways to improve them—for those who need it most!


  • 24 bottle case of Biophoton Energized Water (value: $200)
  • Use of (2) Pet BioHealers for 6-weeks (value: $989)

Tesla MedBed Generator - 100x more powerful than Tesla BioHealers!

Optimize Wellness with Life Force Energy

Proven to recharge and repair cellular health, Life Force Energy is a natural, safe, and essential solution for optimal wellbeing. Our easy-to-use, Over-the-Counter medical devices generate a field of pure Life Force Energy which has been providing breakthroughs in health for over 40,000 people (and their pets!).

Meet Dr. Jessica Wodohodsky:

Your Partner in Holistic Pet Health

Dr. Jessica (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) is devoted to implementing Holistic Integrative Veterinary Medicine Modalities, Including Tesla BioHealing technology! You can visit her at Tesla MedBed Center — For People & Their Pets — In Partnership with South Side Animal Clinic, Rolla, Missouri.