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Regenerative Energy Retreat
November 2—November 6, 2023

Enjoy five days and four nights of pure energy restoration
at the Tesla MedBed Center Wellness Hotel!


We invite you to experience a Regenerative Energy Retreat at the World’s First Energy Wellness Hotel located in Pittsburgh (Butler), Pennsylvania—we're excited to join you on a journey towards empowerment, discovery, and personal health freedom! Learn how to restore your metabolism, upgrade your health, and optimize your overall well-being.

By working with a group of global and award-winning professionals, at the end of this retreat, you will have brought about greater hormonal balance, have fully let go of any past trauma, have increased self-confidence, and feel lighter!

Sleep and enjoy the super boost of a high-strength Life Force Energy environment and receive biophotons into every living cell of your body! You'll experience an environment that's conducive to maximum healing and relaxation, in addition to the other treatments received during the retreat.... Get ready to be immersed in healing!

What to Expect From This Retreat:

This event is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals for an unforgettable experience that will uplift your spirit! You'll work directly with dedicated practitioners to: Release emotions - Find balance in your life - Be more balanced in your body - Let go of trauma - Stop disturbing thoughts - Begin the process of loving and respecting yourself - Restore your self-confidence and self-worth - Define what you want - Define your own concept of happiness - Design your new life - Manifest your desires - Become healthier - Become happier - Become lighter & brighter

Discover the limitless potential already within you while inspiring greater mind and body harmony!

What is included:
Accommodation |
Airport transfer

Meals: Breakfast,
Lunch & Dinner

Water | Tea | Snacks
Training | Classes
One Realignment Massage

Spaces are extremely limited.
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Transforming Together

Host | Medge Jaspan
International Positive Psychology Practitioner
Medge Jaspan is a French-American abstract painter, and Positive Psychology & Metaphysical practitioner on Longboat Key, FL. She uses Medbed and Tachyon energy to restore your life force and bring back sanity in your mind and health in your body and soul. With her, you will master letting go of the past, trauma, and abuse.

Co-Host | Kimberly Knox
Certified Integrative Health & Lifestyle Success Coach, Organic Bioenergetic Chef
Kimberly Knox is a certified integrative health coach & hormone health specialist, a vibrant educator, author & creator of the Bioenergetic Cooking Method, revolutionizing the high energy cooking experience. Kimberly is passionate about reconnecting people to locally sourced, organic food and growing their confidence in the kitchen; ultimately achieving a deeper reverence for the healing power of food, sustainable health, and a lifetime of empowerment.

Co-Host | Lucie Miller
Bodywork Realignment
Massage Therapist

What is Bodywork Realignment? Bodywork Realignment is a form of clinical massage therapy that targets precise muscles & fascial patterns to eliminate chronic pain, stress, & joint stiffness in order to restore mobility, energize the body, and reintroduce positive movement patterns. My approach is non-invasive and suitable for individuals of all fitness levels seeking pain relief and greater flexibility. Pain-Science Informed | Targeted Relief | Enhanced Mobility | Safe & Accessible.

What their clients have experienced

“I cannot say enough great things about Medge and the serendipity that brought us together. She is a ray of light and as authentic as they come. She has a passion for the art of love, whether it’s seeing people fall in love with life or themselves or even coming together as a couple.She has helped me so much as a person and my quality of life has been magnified because of the opportunity to work with Medge. She has helped many others that I know, as well, as I have referred to her often. Medge ‘gets it’ and her light is such a gift to this world. If you are considering working with someone, I encourage you not to overthink it. Reach out to her, as soon as you can, so that you can enrich your life because life is too short to be stuck. I am grateful for everything she has done for me and it was, without question, worth the investment.”—Angela

Kimberly was able to help me achieve losing 10 pounds, naturally lower my blood pressure from 153/96 to 120/85 and recreate the Kitchen as the true heart of our home. I really enjoyed that we did a little bit at a time while staying focused, so the changes were easily integrated. I love her passion for food and cooking, her holistic approach and how she was able to address my emotional side as well. Kimberly has Incredible knowledge of how food affects the body, and offers very positive mindful coaching.”—Laurel J.

“For my husband’s birthday, I gifted him a stay at the Tesla Biohealing and MedBed Center in Butler, PA, along with realignment therapy from Lucie Miller. Lucie is friendly, caring, and super knowledgeable. Her massages are unlike any other that you may experience because her technique involves realignment therapy and pain management. I recommend her with a five-star referral and review. Looking forward to another pain management session with Lucie very soon!”—Lauralee Zelesnak Lees

Your wellness transformation starts here!

Tesla MedBed Center
& Wellness Hotel

139 Pittsburgh Road
Butler, PA 16002
(724) 431-0033

Welcome to the Wellness Hotel!

Accommodations are included.

Meet in the Crystal Room.

Enjoy a serene outdoor space.

Relax in an energized pool.

Tesla MedBed Center & Wellness Hotel - Butler, PA


Two Emotional Release Sessions:

I Am Unique & Fabulous, And So Are You ($444 value)

—with Medge Jaspan
Enjoy 2 sessions (pre/post retreat) with Medge, International Positive Psychology practitioner! Trauma and hurt are stuck in our bodies and minds—Let it go! Rebuild your confidence and release your past trauma and resentment to create and experience a healthier, happier, and more meaningful life. Restore your life force energy while welcoming sanity to strengthen your mind, health, body, and soul. Are you ready to change your energy to transform your reality? It’s possible. Let's do it together!

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