Clinical Study Available to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury and Parkinson’s Disease

—an IRB approved clinical study 

 Listed on (NCT06147999) - click here.

An opportunity for patients with brain-related disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Parkinson’s disease, to improve quality of life: First Institute of All Medicines, a non-profit organization, is conducting the first of its kind clinical study. This is a triple blinded, placebo-controlled, two-group randomized clinical study to confirm that Biophoton Generators can help to recover brain and body functions. This is an IRB-approved clinical study.

Be a beneficiary for participating in Biophoton Research: based on 100+ years of research in biophotons, biophoton therapies have been demonstrated as safe and effective treatments for major brain-related disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Traumatic brain injury, and Parkinson’s disease. When brain cells gain self-healing energy and can communicate, many brain-related disorders can be treated.

Contributing to Science: Biophoton therapies are based on the concept that healthy brain cells emit and receive biophotons as a form of intercellular communication. Providing enough biophotons to the injured or aged brain cells can energize these brain cells to gain self-healing capacity, stimulate cellular functions, promote balance, and coordinate the body's function. While clinical evidence supporting the special treatment claims is limited, the evidence gained from the basic scientific research and real-world use experience, plus preliminary clinical studies, have shown promising results: quick recovery without noticeable side effects. This clinical research provides participants with a promising opportunity to receive significant benefits without much health risk.


World’s First BioEnergy Wellness Hotel
139 Pittsburgh Road
Butler, PA 16001
Telephone: 724-431-0033

Medical research staff of First Institute of All Medicines will be conducting this study using research facilities with the Biophoton-powered Tesla MedBed at the wellness center.

Our study participants and their caregiver guests will sleep on a Tesla MedBed, powered by biophoton generators. They will also enjoy our hotel amenities for the length of the study, including a climate-controlled biophoton-energized atmosphere, along with access to our energized pool and gym to exercise.

Study Specifics:


  • Participants: A total of 80 volunteers with clinically diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Traumatic brain injury, and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Duration: Each study participant is to complete 4 or 6 weeks living in a hotel-like wellness center; this study is non-invasive. Simply sleep in a Tesla BioHealing MedBed powered with biophoton generators. This study is to start on November 15, 2023, and be completed for all participants on November 15, 2024.
  • Procedures: Sleep nightly in a bed with Tesla BioHealing Biophoton Generators underneath (or placebo) and complete life quality and cognitive capacity assessments. Brain disorder status information will be collected non-invasively by medical and clinical research professionals. The study participants initially placed in the Placebo group for 2 weeks will be switched to the Treatment group for 4 weeks after verifying the placebo effects and to be treated for 4 weeks, with a total of 6 weeks.
  • Qualification: There will be a qualification process to participate in this study. The study participant is to submit a doctor's diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Traumatic brain injury, or Parkinson’s disease. If you are interested in participating, please click the application link below, or use the contact information below to connect with the clinical research team. You are also welcome to reach out to us if you would like more specific information about participation.
  • Safety Use History: Over the past four years, more than 40,000 users have safely utilized Biophoton generators and technology. Not a single side effect has been observed or reported. The reason? Our bodies naturally produce biophotons every second, providing a constant 24/7 foundation of safety. Biophotons generated by safe medical devices deliver the same safety profile.
  • Cost: Free to Use Biophoton Generators. Caregivers and qualified study participants are to stay at the MedBed Center Wellness Hotel free of charge for the length of the study. There is no direct cost to participate. However, the costs of travel and meals are not covered.
  • How do we support patients?
    How to know if the same kind of patients received the benefits? You can search testimonials HERE — type in the name of the disease (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Traumatic brain injury, or Parkinson’s) and learn about how this new technology may benefit you.
  • Apply today—the earlier you participate, the earlier your life quality may be improved! The research team at First Institute of All Medicines (FIAM) looks forward to hearing from you! We encourage you to apply as soon as possible by following the secure application link below. Please also feel free to have a family member or caregiver assist with your application registration process by using our contact information..


Jessica Jackson, Clinical Study Coordinator
First Institute of All Medicines
139 Pittsburgh Road, Butler, PA 16001.

Direct Line: 302-922-2486
For general questions, please email:

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