A New Wave of Medicine & Health Freedom

Tesla BioHealing offers over-the-counter medical devices with high safety ratings and no known side effects, as confirmed by more than 30,000 users. Our technology has been commercially available for over four years!


Preliminary observations show the significant benefits of our biophoton technology in increasing energy, reducing pain, improving sleep, improving circulation, and much more!

Read customer stories about their experience with Biophoton Life Force Energy!

Tumor is shrinking.
I am sharing my husband's health challenges these past few months and progression since starting radiation treatments on May 30th... With great attitude, he started the treatments. One week later, the BioHealers arrived. Right away the benefits are felt. He regenerated much faster. Slept better... [the doctors] are amazed by his energy, blown away at how fast the TUMOR is shrinking. I am happy to have been guided to Tesla BioHealers—they are a blessing to use and I have no idea how they work!"

Pain in my body has gone away.

"After experiencing the 1-hour session, I feel calmer, more relaxed and my pain in my body has gone away. I arrived with extreme menstrual cramping, and after the 1-hour session my menstrual pain went from an 8 out of 10 extreme pain to a level 2 in pain. During the session I felt waves of calmness + peace roll over my body which allowed my brain to rest and I fell into a deep sleep which I had not experienced for weeks. Thank you for the amazing healing experience!!"

—Leah R.

Energy came back!
I love the result from the Bio Healer. My Mother in law recovered from a black leg in about a few days. After an hour she could feel her heart beating normally again. After 2 weeks she has found the joy of life again. At 81 year old her energy came back. I would recommend it in a heart beat!"

—Helene B.

Better Sleep!

"I love how well I sleep with the Tesla Biohealing technology next to me. It has also helped a sore ankle. My cats also love this technology and are drawn to it. They are always sleeping next to the devices even when I move them around the house!"

—Valerie M.