User Experience Program for Pets

Our Purpose:

  • Biophoton technology continues to play a critical role in providing the most effective approaches to address today's unmet healthcare and medical needs. And it's our mission to support individuals like you who may be facing these concerns.
  • We're inviting you and your pets to experience Tesla BioHealing technology in the comfort of your own home!
  • Together, we'll continue to evaluate the impact of our devices—and look for ways to improve them—for those who need it most!

A New Wave of Medicine & Safety!

Tesla BioHealing® BioHealer is an over-the-counter medical device with a high safety rating and no known side effects, as confirmed by more than 30,000 users. It is a technology that has been commercially available for over 4 years.

Significant benefits from the technology!

Preliminary observations show the significant benefits of the technology in increasing energy, reducing pain, improving sleep, improving circulation, and much more!

Through this program, participants may receive significant and life-changing benefits.

Benefits of this technology: Safe, natural, easy to use, non-invasive, non-addictive, no known side effects, useful to every member of the family (including pets).

Participant Involvement

  • Participation in this program is voluntary
  • Participants have the opportunity to track their progress each week to better understand improvements in their health and well-being via Tesla BioScore
  • Progress will be measured and tracked through Tesla BioScore, BioWell Energy (Stress) Scan, Breathing Capacity Evaluation, and Oxygen Saturation Testing

Experience at home

Program Options & Costs

  • 24 bottle case of Biophoton Energized Water (value: $200)
  • Use of (2) Pet BioHealers for 6-weeks (value: $499)
  • Pay $200 (program setup fee)* + shipping (+ tax, as applicable by state)
  • $800 deposit for the products being used (refundable by the end of the program if you decide to return the products - see below)

* Program Setup Fee – non-refundable one-time fee

Read customer testimonials about their experience with Life Force Energy!

Helps my dog, Oreo

"My dog, Oreo has cancer and is going thru chemo treatments. Sometimes he barely gets out of bed. Always looks like he’s struggling to get going. Since the Tesla bio-healer, he’s acting like a kid again. Now he’s running and jumping and playing like he always did. And his bloodwork and vitals were better than they ever have been, says the vet. And she doesn’t know about our bio-healers. Definitely would recommend!"

—Larry Watson

My cats are better - Energetic again
Bought this to help my elderly cats… both of them 15 years old . Cheddar was losing weight with his allergies and irritable bowel . Mittens was having difficulty jumping up on furniture. Happy to report both are better. Mittens can jump again and Cheddar is gaining weight again. His allergies are still issue but better. They gravitate to the biohealer too I noticed. I have one adult one that is helping me. Need a few more… soon. So happy with my biohealers ❤️❤️❤️

—Jill Nolfi


"My cat has been sleeping near it for these last two weeks. I can see significant improvement in her condition."

—Lori Stiefermann

Curious about the Tesla BioScore? Click this button to see what it looks like:

It's designed to help you keep track of your improvement—only takes about 4 minutes to complete!

Sign Up

To sign up for this program, please click the button and select the option you would like to participate in.

For participants who live near a Tesla MedBed Center, Option 2 Combined At-Home + In Center, is highly encouraged in order to receive the greatest benefit. Click here to see our Device Comparison chart.

To learn more about this program, please call us at (302)-265-2213 or email


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